What do you mean by the asbestos survey? Various ways of doing it

Earlier asbestos was used in the construction of new buildings. It helps in the insulation of electrical appliances due to its heat resistance capacity. Today also it is used in some chemical and automobile industries. After 1980 using asbestos is restricted by various organizations as it contains a toxic effect. It is very harmful to human health as it creates a problem in breathing.

When asbestos is damaged it releases toxic fibers in the atmosphere thus it can harm the construction workers at the site of construction. Due to its toxic effects, various surveys are done before starting new construction. It is not mandatory for all. Only doubted construction sites do this asbestos survey.

One cannot identify the presence of asbestos only by seeing at the place. Only surveys can identify the presence of asbestos-containing material in the building. Generally, in the survey, they do laboratory tests of different asbestos conducting material that are sampled from the construction site. One should be aware of the presence of asbestos if it is present than a good plan is necessary to remove it.

Various types of doing asbestos survey

Limited survey – in this usual sampling of targeted materials is done and it does not involve the sampling of the whole building. According to the need, sampling is done in this method such as sampling of the roof, ceiling, any particular wall, etc. If any asbestos-containing material is found then a sampling of the complete building is done.

  • Screening asbestos – this method is generally used in repairing damaged material that may contain asbestos-containing material. In this suspected part of damaged material is gone for testing in the laboratory. This method is considered the most accurate method to detect any asbestos material.
  • Pre demolishing survey – in this asbestos survey generally all aspects of the building are surveyed. A sampling of the entire building is done in this method that includes all exterior and interior parts of the building. It is necessary before demolishing the building as the toxic fibers may release in the atmosphere during damage.
  • Re-construction survey – this survey is done when new construction is going to hold. In this limited sampling of new building materials is done. This survey can be used in the renovation of the building. This survey helps in avoiding the release of asbestos-containing fibers into the surroundings.

How to remove asbestos-containing material?

There are various options available in the market for the removal of asbestos. According to need, one can use any of them some of the asbestos management ways are air monitoring, the formation of the maintenance plan, sampling to identify asbestos-containing material, etc. To receive legal permits, you need to an asbestos survey on the construction site.

Asbestos survey has shown good results in protecting human health from toxic asbestos materials. Only a professional team can conduct this type of risky survey. If you have any doubts regarding asbestos than you should need to hire a professional team that can conduct this survey safely.