Tips For Handling Cell Phones And Smartphones

Cell phones and smartphones can also be used unsupervised more easily by children. Use the following tips to protect your child.

The same basic recommendations for protecting the child regarding using the Internet on a computer application to an Internet-enabled smartphone. This means above all

the younger a child is, the less they should use a cell phone, clear rules for use, Educate about risks and technical safety precautions such as child protection apps or special start pages and also how to unlock Coolpad by IMEI.

 To do this, you should consider further information:

Protect personal data: clarify to whom mobile phone numbers and personal data are passed on or photos are sent and to whom not.

Observe and accompany children: Let more minor children use your cell phone or smartphone – if at all – only under supervision. If necessary, choose games together to avoid cost traps and inappropriate content.

Reduce radiation: When buying a device, make sure that the SAR value is low. The reception conditions should be good, which is why you should not make calls in heavily shielded rooms (e.g., in the car). Electromagnetic radiation is reduced through less and shorter use of cell phones or smartphones and headsets and the hands-free function.

Switching off the mobile phone: In the cinema, theater and later at school it is common to switch off the mobile phone. You can also arrange with your family when the cell phone is “idle”: for example, while eating, when you are resting, or, with older children, while doing homework. It is best to ignore interference from the landline telephone during this time.

Be a role model: Show your children how easy it is to use the cell phone yourself. Use it consciously, inexpensively, and do not let the mobile phone bother you with essential matters or family meals.

Be creative: Show your child not only the familiar functions of the smartphone, with which you can, for example, edit photos, record sounds, make small films, and carry out digital scavenger hunts (“geocaching”).

Offer alternatives: In addition to the many tempting media offers, joint activities and meeting friends should have a permanent place in everyday family life.