Smartphone Photography Tips

Most people think it is only possible to shoot awesome photos with sophisticated gear and a free pc photo editor. This is quite untrue. In this article, we shall preview some tips to help you capture amazing photos with your smartphone

1. Have A Clean Lens

It may sound like an open door, but if your lens is not clean, you will never take clear and sharp photos that will warrant you to enhance the photo with a free pc photo editor. So make sure you use a reading cloth to make the lens of your smartphone grease-free before you take pictures with it. The chance that fingerprints or other dirt will get on your lens is very high. After all, the lens is on the back of your device where you hold it all day long.

2. Use As Little Backlight As Possible

In general, the tip is to avoid backlight, otherwise you will lose too much detail in your photo. Prefer to shoot with the sun! Not sure how the light falls? Then use your hand to see where the shadows are. Then you also know how to position your model for good exposure. Make sure that the sun is not directly in the face of your model, then he/she will squint and that is a waste of your photos.

3. Create A Special Composition

There are still many people who put their subjects in the center when they take a picture. Sometimes that works, but most of the time it makes your photostatic and boring. Therefore, try to find a special composition that makes your photo special and dynamic. Place your subject correctly on 1/3 or 2/3 of your photo.

  1. Focus On The Correct Point

The camera of a smartphone automatically focuses on a certain place. But you can also move the focus yourself! Tap this on the screen where you want the sharpness. Simple smartphone cameras make everything in your photo sharp, but precisely by adding blur in your image, your photo immediately looks more exciting. Give it a try!

5. Zoom

One of the first things you often hear when it comes to smartphone photography: never zoom! And it is, in most cases. Digital zoom only ensures that you make a crop of your original image. This means you lose quality because fewer and fewer pixels remain.