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New Carpet Installation Cost and Considerations


The aesthetic, value, performance, and sustainability factors in a carpet make it an ideal addition to your Australian home. It softens slip and fall impact and even sound absorption. Studies report that regularly cleaned and well-maintained carpet enhances the indoor air quality as it traps dust and allergens. Today, the carpet world offers eco-friendly products designed to resist fading, staining, and robust to handle heavy foot traffic. 

With so many advantages, there are several things to consider before installing a new carpet or replacing an old one. Before you look for a nearby carpet store on FlooringDomain, you will need to consider the kind of carpet you want, do you need a professional installer, and are the rooms are shaped oddly, what kind of underlay is needed, and more. FlooringDomain is a platform that will connect you with all kinds of flooring solutions needed to complete your project, just post your requirement and soon you will receive an estimate from interested carpet stores and installers. 

Carpet cost

Carpet prices and types can range from low-cost to WOW! Nevertheless, the average per square foot cost is modest. The majority of homeowners pay $2 – $5 per sq. ft. for good quality nylon or polyester fibers. These mid-range carpets are available in a vast array of textures, styles, and colors. 

Professional installation can add $1 -$2 per sq. ft., so the average total cost to install synthetic mid-range carpet is $3 to $7. If you need carpet installed in a 15 x 21-foot room [315 sq. ft.] then expect to pay approximately $945 to $2205. In case you need to buy an underlayment pad separately then for a 315 sq. ft. room add $105 to $205 depending on pad type and quality] to the total cost. 

What to look for in a carpet installer?

Not all carpet installation tasks are simple; they need a more experienced installer. Installing apartment-grade carpet is easier than installing high-quality carpet in customized homes. When you browse through the list of local carpet instalers on the online flooring directories choose the ones with a minimum of 4 to 5 years of experience. Word of mouth is the best recommendation. Many carpet retailers offer installation services included in the deal when you buy carpet and padding. Therefore, choose a reliable carpet retailer because it ensures they have a qualified installer crew. 

Tasks to perform before carpet installation

Replacing a home carpet is a thrilling yet labor-intensive project. Moving the heavy dressers, sofas, and disconnecting every electronic seems a total nightmare. The rooms need to be empty. This process is not totally work-free. You can do some things and save some bucks.

Local companies that provide carpet removers service charge $1 to $1.50 per sq. ft. to pull up the old carpet & pad. It includes labor and waste disposal services. If your carpet installation project is 315 sq. ft. as per the above example then you can save $315 – $472 by doing it on your own. There will be other things you can do before the carpet installers arrive and that is move the furniture. They can do the heavy lifting, but will charge you. Remember that, they do not move pianos, pool tables, water beds, and don’t disconnect electronics & TVs, so have a plan!