Learn More About Different Types of Dental Fillings and Their Advantages

Cavities occur when plaque begins to destroy the outer enamel of your teeth. If the decay is not treated, it will eventually penetrate every layer of the tooth, all the way down to the roots. This part is known as the pulp, which contains the tooth’s nerve endings, as well as the root, and supplies it with blood and nutrition. The tooth may die if the root is compromised by decay or infection.

Fortunately, there is a virtually risk-free treatment that can be used to fill holes formed by decay in the early to mid-stages of the disease. This procedure is referred to as a filling or cavity filling. When a patient requires a cavity filling, their cosmetic dentist should first drill into the tooth and remove all decay. This may prevent further tooth damage. After all of the decay has been removed, the hole should be filled to prevent any bacteria from entering and aggravating the situation.

A dental restoration technique to repair a decaying tooth is considered. The cosmetic dentist in Cypress TX must clean out the decayed space within the tooth, which leaves a cavity or hole. The outlet is then filled with a dental filling to smooth out the tooth surface and restore its natural appearance.

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Different Types of Dental Filling 

Materials used in the dental filling –

Gold fillings are extremely durable, non-corrosive, and can stay in perfect condition for up to 15 years. 

However, they are more expensive than silver amalgam fillings and require more than one dental visit to be properly placed.

  • Silver amalgam fillings are extremely strong and long-lasting, but many people do not find them to be attractive, and compared to other types of fillings, they are more likely to expand and compress and produce a tooth crack. Furthermore, because silver amalgam fillings include Mercury many individuals are concerned about its long-term safety.
  • Composite fillings are a great option since they closely match the color of your teeth. They are more expensive and less durable than silver amalgam fillings.
  • Ceramic fillings, which are formed of porcelain, are a visually appealing and extremely durable option. Ceramic fillings are expensive than silver amalgam fillings and may wear the opposing teeth if the porcelain material gets rough.
  • Glass ionomers often last less than 5 years, but they are an excellent option for children with dynamic teeth. They also emit Fluoride, which aids in the prevention of tooth cavities.

The best way to decide the type of fabric to use for your dental fillings is by taking the help of your dentist who’s specialized in cosmetic dentistry. If you have any more questions concerning any of these types of fillings, speak with your doctor right away and choose the one that suits and blends well with your teeth.