Discover a Breathtaking zion waterfalls in Zion National Park Not Listed on Any Trail Maps

Zion National Park is one of the most frequented locations in Utah. We are fortunate to be able to recommend a trail that will enable you to avoid the crowds in Zion National Park’s core. The Pine Creek cascade is a beautiful miniature cascade located just beyond the Scenic Drive and prior to the tunnel. It is a wonderful destination for those seeking solitude.


This trek begins at a small parking area immediately adjacent to the bridge located beneath the tunnel. If you are approaching from the east via the tunnel, you must descend the entire switchbacks. The bridge is promptly located at the base of the hill. The trail begins on the opposite side of the road, on the east side, where there is a modest parking lot. Find the small parking lot just before the bridge if approaching the tunnel from the Visitor Centre. This parking lot marks the start of the switchbacks leading up to the tunnel.

Hike Info

The trail does not have particularly distinct markings, but it generally follows the creek. You can choose your own path along the bottom of the canyon to Zion Arch, which was carved high above, and the path is sandy and dotted with beautiful pools. The trail is sandy because it travels along the edge of the stream, and it was enjoyable for our boys to toss rocks and explore along the trail. We encountered a small number of other travellers, none of whom were able to reach the zion waterfalls.

Despite requiring some bushwhacking and scrambling, the Pine Creek Waterfall trail is more path-finding than bushwhacking because it parallels the creek. We discovered a tiny waterfall after climbing over a few boulders, and then we hurled some large rocks into the stream, causing them to explode spectacularly. Additionally, we had to ford the creek twice, but we were able to avoid having our feet wet on both occasions by using the existing rocks.

The Falls of Pine Creek

After travelling less than a half mile, you will observe that the trail becomes somewhat more challenging. We had to aid our mother and our youngest child on some of the most difficult rock climbs, illustrating the importance of selecting a cautious route and assisting young children. There are a few boulders that must be scaled, as well as a small crevice that must be squeezed through. However, if you can squeeze through that crevice, you will discover the most exquisite little alcove. We were so near to anticipating seeing fairies flitting around the ponds that we almost saw them! The Pine Creek Waterfall is our top choice for the finest location in Zion National Park.

One of the reasons why we relished this walk so much was because we were the only people we encountered. We encountered only one other couple while strolling along the stream, which was a relaxing experience. You cannot evade the waterfall in any way, shape, or form, as you would need to climb over it to continue ascending the canyon.

Due to all of the rock scrambling, this trail may be difficult to traverse if you are travelling with very young children. You’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of our finest Zion Kid Hikes, which will help you determine which trails are suitable for your family.