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The relatively new phenomenon of condominiums

The modern-day housing and living space concept has changed drastically after the economic recession period of 2009. In the last decade, people across the world have moved from owning their own land on which they used to build their houses to just owning apartments instead. This is one of the key reasons why property developers have emerged as one of the major players in the building developers in recent times. One of the relatively new phenomena that one can notice in the eastern cultures is the introduction of condominiums. Condominiums that were a part of the western civilizations before the great economic recession now have come to the east as well. The reason is that the younger generation gives much more importance to privacy.

How condominiums form a bridge between privacy and socialization?

Condos are basically single apartments. They are basically for bachelors or single persons. These spaces are best for private persons. This gives a level of security to the personal lives of the residents. However, some aspect of condos still has a social binding to it. Like for example, you may live in a condo, but the parking lot, the swimming pool, the elevators, etc., all these things are shared by all the residents in that building. This makes condos the best choice for your test generation. It is because not only condos gave them the personal space that they require, but it also gives them the social touch everyone so readily needs. Owning a condo is also relatively cheaper than owning a full-fledged house or flat for that matter, which is also a more practical reason to go for it.

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