Know The Ceremonies Of Conducting Vietnamese Marriage

When it comes to Vietnamese marriage, the first thing comes in the mind is their tradition. Like many other countries, they also celebrate the wedding in an effective manner by following cute traditions and make the couple to live peacefully. Below you can go through the list of ceremonies of Vietnamese marriage from Vietnamese dating.

Ceremonies of Vietnamese marriage:

  • Proposal ceremony

Proposal ceremony is really interested and everyone loves that tradition at the time of their marriage. This tradition is the initial step for men and women to become couples. During this ceremony, the family of the groom will visit the bride’s family. There they have to ask for permission for making their children get married. In case both the family accepts the proposal, then they carry on another ceremony. If not, then looking for another girl is the best option.

  • Engagement party

After the proposal gets accepted, then the engagement party is the next ceremony. Here the couples will be officially confirmed to get married on the fixed date. Here both the bride and groom will get a chance of canceling the engagement in case their decision is changed. This party will be very interested along with the members and couples can look for their marriage date further and feel excited.

  • Wedding reception

After the engagement, the couple’s wedding reception will be held on a fixed day. It is the official day, where the Vietnamese marriage between both men and women will hold and everything will be completed officially on that day related to the marriage. Here the party will be very fun and all the family will be assembled on that day and make the party very exciting. In some families, they conduct the reception after two days of the marriage. But the party will be still exciting and everyone can enjoy it a lot with that.

  • Gifts for wedding

Instead of putting money on the costly items, you can just give that money by packing it in an envelope to their couple. Through your money, then they will buy their suitable gift for them in the most ultimate manner. You have to deeply understand the character of the bride and groom and then can present your gift. In case you feel giving money to the couples is not comfortable, then you can present the best gift based on the Vietnamese in an effective manner. If your close friend is going to get married choose the gift which they are longing to buy for mail order wives.

  • Post-wedding events

After all the procedures get completed, then the couple will be getting prepared for the post-wedding events and it is the final one. There they will conduct some naughty games and make the couples feel happy at that time. This procedure will also make the couple to feel enthusiastic and they will be remembered that moment for their complete lifetime very effectively.

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